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Best Potato Cheese Balls Recipe

Potato Cheese Balls are an easy to make appetizer which is crunchy from outside and cheesy from inside. These delicious crispy potato balls make an

Best Crispy Suji Twisters Recipe in 2020

Suji Twister is an easy and interesting savoury snack recipe made with semolina and dry spices(Sooji Snacks). Suji twister is an ideal tea-time snack recipe

Make Kale Chane Ke Kabab in your own

Kale Chane ke Kabab are a perfect vegetarian appetizer. Kale Chane, which is also known as Bengal Gram is a healthy legume and this kebab

Easiest 5 Minutes Recipe of Pancakes with Caramelized

Pancakes with caramelized banana!!! What can be a better substitute for breakfast than a stack of fluffy, light, and soft egg-less pancakes with honey pouring

Eggless Veg Mayonnaise Sandwich

This simple vegetable mayonnaise sandwich is a quick and delicious treat for kids and adults alike. It is versatile and adaptable to any ingredient. Super

Khandvi Recipe

Gujarati cuisine is known for its variety of snacks. Khandvi is one of them. Khandvi recipe is simple to make. It is a yellowish, tightly

Instant Sooji Rava Uttapam Recipe in 5 minutes

Check out the recipe of delicious Rava Uttapam. It’s a super delicious breakfast that can be easily prepared in just a few minutes. If you