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Tandoori Baby Potatoes in Pan

Tandoori Baby Potatoes
  • Prep Time
    20 Mins
  • Cook Time
    55 Mins
  • Serving
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Tandoori Baby Potatoes is a delicious appetizer perfect to serve at special occasions or have as a side for dinner. Baby potatoes marinated in a delightful combination of yogurt and spices, threaded to skewers and cooked to create this heavenly appetizer.

You can cook this tandoori aloo in an oven or air-fryer. But here I will tell you an easy recipe to prepare on a gas stove. Tandoori Baby Potatoes are basically Tandoori spiced roasted potatoes. It is one of the popular Indian tandoori starters you will often find at restaurants. This is a vegetarian alternate to the popular Chicken Tikka Kebab, similar to Paneer Tikka.

Best way to make Tandoori Baby Potatoes at home


    Steps to make Tandoori Baby Potatoes at Home

    Step 1
    tondoori baby potatoes step 1

    make mixture

    Step 2
    tondoori baby potatoes step 2

    add boiled potato into it

    Step 3
    tondoori baby potatoes step 3

    fry in hot oil

    Step 4
    tondoori baby potatoes step 4

    make mixture of vegetables

    Step 5

    add this mixture in to fry pan with potatoes

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